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      The BCH model has been upgraded to the series 4 anomaly detection model.

      Important note: The models are not currently in sync. The prior 3.x model was in a “sell” state, but the 4.x model is internally in a “buy” state.

      As such, the first signal you will see will be a sell signal. Since the buy call was not issued publicly, it will not be counted on the Trade History page.

      This particular model is an evolutionary leap in technology. Please watch for additional detail to come.

      ETH and LTC will be upgraded over the course of the next week. You will also see visualization updates.

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      Just a heads-up, ETH and LTC will be upgraded imminently.

      I remember how exciting it was to see the results of BTC Beta testing. All of the same excitement goes into BCH, ETH, and LTC. But I have to say, from a stats-nerd perspective, the ETH and BCH models are particularly mind blowing.

      I’m really looking forward to the future with 4.x across the board.

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      Rob D

      Will you do charts for the pulse signals for the other coins?

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      > You will also see visualization updates.

      Friggin awesome. I was gonna write something about the current anomaly visualization. It’d be great to get a mouse over (or something) that would tell you what the value is where the anomaly occured. Currently, it does a mouse over text when my cursor is like 80 pixels to the right of the data point… its just weird.

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      Rob D

      Ah didnt really catch that the first read, nevermind!

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