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      Rob D

      I dont use those two, but they seem to have not gotten the memo? Any theories? Or has the signal been generated but not displaying on the dashboard?

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      We were just discussing this. It’s not a display error. They are both genuinely still sitting in a sell state.

      Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have dropped so much so consistently over the last 6 months, it seems the models have dug into a very defensive position and got left in the dust.

      With Bitcoin Cash, there was a lot of congestion in the 300-350 range for months. Now that it has broken through, maybe we’ll see it react differently.

      The positive Market Index will also be a factor.

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      Rob D

      Have you been developing an analogous BCH-beta and LTC-beta? Wonder how the anomaly detection would have fared in this scenario.

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      Yes, great question. I was going to add to the answer above.

      The anomaly detection handles this scenario completely differently and has much better ability to generate signals in a variety of scenarios.

      It’s not ideal, but I do understand why the 3.x models for BCH and LTC haven’t triggered here. Having watched them for this long, they are generally about establishing levels and then triggering when those levels are punched with sufficient momentum for the situation.

      The anomaly (4.x) is just more flexible. This quarter will be about upgrading all of the models and standardizing on 4.x.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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