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      hmm, this has happened for the BTC shorts. lucky i was in before your signal came about.

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      i suggest that, if such errors occur, you shouldn’t back date it. That doesn’t make it look geniune that your system is actually doing well. I suggest you omit it, and just wait for the next one.

      2c worth.

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        Hi @zeallous, yes thank you for the comments. It is extremely unfortunate that this has happened–especially since the model made the call but the notification portion failed.

        It’s a fair series of events that go from the signal being determined to it actually making it out to customers. If one thing goes wrong, we end up in this situation. Many growth challenges..

        We solved a previous issue, but after this time, the solution is now even more robust.

        But more importantly, we added a “failure alarm” that will catch this should another edge case pop up in the future.

        We’ll asterisk the Trade History and Member Dashboard accordingly.

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      That’s great. Love your service!

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      The BCH model opened a position on Jun 21 9:11 UTC at $436.48.

      Unfortunately, due to a web service issue, the frontend signal (Member Dashboard) did not get changed and notifications were not sent. We very much apologize for this issue.

      The Member Dashboard has been updated to reflect the position open so that the “Sell” signal will sync properly.

      To avoid this in the future, an internal alarm system has been deployed that will immediately notify our team of any such sync issues in the future.

      All other signals are in the proper state.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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