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      I am interested in finding the best exchange for auto trade. I have learned to like binance us per its low rates, but am concerned that there is not enought liquidity vs coinbase (supposedly 5 million per day vs 20). Does anyone have any strong opinions towards this? I am finding coinbase less efficient in depositing and withdrawing funds

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      The key reason why I am considering coinbase is the liquidity. Otherwise, I would prefer binance

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        Our data has not shown any concern in terms of slippage, but you are right, the liquidity is lower. Our team does maintain accounts at both Binance.us and Coinbase Pro but have shifted the majority of funds to Binance.us.

        It would be good to hear if others have had any issues.

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      I am using AutoTrader for ETH/USD pair for binance.us. Any idea at what account sizes you are expecting to see slippage issue in the binance.us due to low volumes?

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      Hello @jghoshda, unfortunately, we do not have specific data to make this determination.

      While not perfect, these links are good for reference:


      The primary finding is that on Binance.us, you should trade against USD. So the most liquid pair is ETHUSD.

      This is in contrast to Binance.com, where the most liquid pair is ETHUSDT.

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      It looks like the ETHUSD volume has gone down in binance.us. It used to be ~$1M/24 hr now it is ~$0.64M/24hr. Is it in general volume is down or a biance.us issue?

      Are your majority of funds still running on binance.us?

      On the fee issue for coinbase pro it is 0.5% for the lower tier. So if I see your trading history avg trade gain for BTC is 1.76%. So if it runs on coinbase pro the gain goes down to 1.76% -0.5%X2 = 0.76% i.e. a 60% reduction. Am I doing the approx math correct?

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      Justin Justin

      Hello–sorry for the delay.

      As of now, we’re not seeing liquidity issues with Binance.us, but it’s something to monitor. But the most volume (best liquidity) is in BTC/USDT there.

      In terms of fees, if you’re not trading a large account, the Coinbase Pro fees can be a killer for active traders. As you move up their volume stack, you’ll get more favorable rates.

      We do also have the calculator here which can give some good approximations: https://crypto-ml.com/crypto-trading-profit-calculator/

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