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      Connor McQuade

      I have linked my exchange and set up everything as well as moved money into my coinbase pro account. Turned on the bot and its been several days without the bot doing anything. Am I missing something here?

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      Nicholas Henderson

      You may be lucky it hasn’t. Market has tanked last few days. Might be why it has done nothing. Sell order may be in effect

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      Depending on the pair you had active, a trade may not have been issued yet. You can confirm timing with the Trade History table: https://crypto-ml.com/trade-history/

      As Nicholas mentioned, you may have inadvertently avoided a market crash, which is good.

      If trades have been issued for your pair(s) after you connected to Auto Trade, please do reach out to our support so we can evaluate your configuration.

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      Connor McQuade

      ah I see, well I just turned it back on again after trying out a different platform. I am looking forward to seeing some results from this bot. I know there will be losses/crashes but nothing is perfect, I’ve seen the growth in the trading history of the auto trader and it is impressive to say the least!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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