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      The new architecture of the 5.x series made for a simple swap and upgrade of the deepnet model. The new version now has the recent trade patterns to consider, namely the 6-7K channeling and sharp drops that have occurred.

      The model precision has increased as well. Please refer to member dashboard for detail.

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      Sounds great. I have noticed that the mobile website has not been updating since around 3/24, any idea what I could do to fix this?

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      In addition, I saw that anomaly detection was replaced by the 24 hr change prediction. Is the 24 hr change prediction created on the basis of anomaly detection?

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      Hi, in regard to the website not updating…there was a change in the caching at our server level that was causing a whole set of problems. That caching has since been turned off for logged-in users, however, your browser may still be holding onto cache related to it.

      If you’re not getting updates, you might try clearing cache for crypto-ml.com from your browser. On desktop Chrome, you can hold Ctrl and hit the refresh button. That does a hard refresh. If you need any help on this, let me know.

      In regard to the 24-hour item, yes–you are correct! We will have more info out on it shortly.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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