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      Updated code has been deployed which will prevent this scenario from future recurrence. As a result, all models will exhibit more robust, faster acting behavior in case of fast market reversal.

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      To Trader Members-

      Short issued an “Open Short” on 3/26/19 3:16 PM at $3917.47.

      It should have issued a “Close Short” on 3/27/19 2:16 AM at $3985.99.

      But it didn’t due to an “edge case” involving quick reversals in particular circumstances. While the backend model is in a close position, the notification and logging did not occur as expected.

      We are issuing the fix and continuing to run QA on other potential edge cases.

      We sincerely apologize for the issue as this is not the performance expected of the platform. Our technology has shown considerable resiliency by successfully processed millions of points of data, but the complexity of its operations and calculations can produce unexpected results.

      Please keep posted here for updates and Contact Support for any personal concerns.

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