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      As our platform has evolved to the new 5.x machine learning standard, several other important changes have followed.

      Various assets and videos on Crypto-ML are in the progress of being updated, but in the meantime, we’d like to provide as much information here as possible.

      If you haven’t visited the Member Dashboard recently, please do so to see the changes.

      1. Litecoin signal retired

      You will no longer see LTC signals on the Member Dashboard. All LTC Auto Traders were previously notified and have moved off of LTC.

      This change is designed to streamline our ML focus with the goal of providing fewer, higher-quality signals.

      2. Bitcoin Conservative added

      Thus far, our signals have followed an aggressive strategy. We now also have a conservative strategy.
      Institutional investors may prefer conservative strategies in general.

      Individual investors may prefer conservative strategies during bear markets.

      The key differences are:

      – Optimized for maximum account value
      – Higher trade quantity
      – Higher potential risk
      – Higher potential reward

      – Optimized for maximum win/loss ratio
      – Lower trade quantity
      – Lower potential risk
      – Lower potential reward

      On the Member Dashboard and in notifications, you will now see all signals appended with either “-A” or “-C” denoting either “Aggressive” or “Conservative.”

      Additional details can be found on the Trade Alert Descriptions page.

      Portfolio management is the next major feature to be released and will support a mix of aggressive and conservative strategies.

      3. Trade Signal details added

      Many of our customers have asked for additional detail on our models, especially as they update.

      On the Member Dashboard, you’ll now find additional detail shared about our various models.

      Additional details can be found on the Trade Alert Descriptions page.

      4. Price Predictions added

      At the top of the Member Dashboard, you will also find the 24-hour price predictions generated by our Deep Neural Networks.

      Additional details are covered in the post Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Indicator.

      Please let us know if you have any questions here.

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