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      Hi everyone,

      I don’t know if this topic was already initialized in the past or not but at first sight it seems a good idea to me.
      First of all I’ve been using the Auto-Trader membership for a month right now and I believe it is a powerful tool.
      So, in order to improve results in terms of money earned per action, I was thinking if it would be possible to use through Coinbase API the “Limit” order option where a very close value of the last sold/bought would be set instead of using “Market” where fees are higher.

      When an user activates the trigger for a coin would be nice to have an option to select “Limit” or “Market” and if “Limit” is set, also setting the margin of the price compared to the last sold/bought (Ex: sell at x+0.01% and buy at x-0.02%, where x is the last sold/bought price)
      It is just an idea and I don’t know if it is possible to get it easily.

      Thanks for reading

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      Hey @mrparracho, great idea! Yes, our approach is to continuously improve the platform and this seems like a solid idea.

      I’ve added it to our backlog for review and will keep you posted. Thanks for the suggestion.

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