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      as you may be well aware of, since a few hours ago we’re in a situation with both an Open Long and an Open Short BTC signals.

      In your posts you said that, being these 2 signals evaluated by 2 different algorithms, it can happen to have such a situation…

      Anyway, at least for me, it’s a bit “hard” to understand what to do when one signal tells you to buy… and another one to sell 🙂

      Right now, I decided to BUY some BTC (trusting the recent Open Long signal) even if the Short signal isn’t closed yet, but it would be very helpful to have better guidelines about these tricky situations…

      I’d reapply appreciate your take/feedback on it!

      Thank you in advance for what you’re doing (the last signals have been pretty accurate!),

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      Yes, this is a situation that will occur. Currently, the models operate independently and may conflict.

      With this noted, the recent BTC “Open Long” did generate before a price surge. Both the long and short positions are currently in profit.

      The ML team is working toward a unified signal. In the interim, it is good to consider mixed signals as “less strong” that fully aligned signals. In addition, please weigh the Market Index into consideration.

      If the Market Index is negative and the signals are mixed, there may be more caution for taking a long trade. This may mean taking a smaller position or otherwise reducing your risk exposure.

      Please find the below excerpt from article: https://crypto-ml.com/short-sell/


      An important note factor to consider is since these signals are optimized differently, the long and short signals will conflict from time to time. That means, for example, Auto-ML may have an open long trade while you see an “Open Short” from the short signal.

      The Short signal is based on the same mechanism that Auto-ML uses. This means it is continuously pulling data and may issue a signal at any time. Likewise, it issues signals based on a similar machine-learning model, but is optimized to generate profit based on falling price.


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      I’m not sure if algorithms can generator consistent profits over the long-term.

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