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      Hi everyone,

      As you may have noticed, we are regretfully informing people that we need to change our credit card processing company.

      Unfortunately, Stripe revised their policies and now will no longer process payments for any company related to cryptocurrency.


      Being in the crypto space, we unfortunately face many hurdles. But we’re pushing forward, continuing to lead ethically, and trying to lead the field in terms of transparency.

      Our best, most reliable source of growth is you–our customers! So it’s unfortunate when you get caught in the crossfire like this.

      You can read our notice here: https://crypto-ml.com/action-required-credit-card-payment-change/

      Are you impacted?

      If you signed up using PayPal, you are fine–no action needed.

      If you signed up using the “Credit Card” option, you will unfortunately need to resubscribe. Our team will be getting individual notices out to you with instructions and a special promotion as you come up on expiration.

      Let us know if you have any questions and we are very sorry for the hassle!

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