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      The machine learning team has successfully deployed new models that add an independent, dynamic stop loss mechanism to exit positions more intelligently.

      Major release notes:

      – Adaptive stop loss: Models will now close positions based on a new programmatic mechanism designed to seek optimal stop loss levels.

      – Models in scope: All long models have been upgraded to 3.0 and will now issue “SELL” signals after the stop loss level is hit. The short model will be upgraded as soon as a close is called.

      – Stop loss guidance: While positions will be closed based on the adaptive stop loss, the new machine learning feature will also be able to provide guidance as to how to set your stop losses in case you manually open and close your positions.

      – Performance: General enhancements based on recent market condition learnings


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      This release is a huge thanks to our customers and community. Many of you asked for stop loss guidance. When we compared our model performance against generic stop loss levels, we found it was actually possible to beat our results.

      This is the sort of thing that drives us crazy. As such, we dug in fast and were able to deliver a fantastic solution that:
      – Performs well
      – Isn’t generic (it intelligently picks levels)
      – Can provide better guidance to us all
      – Enhance Auto Trade

      Let us know if you have any questions.

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