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      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to reach out and provide some insights into what’s coming.

      We have a huge list of ideas and aspirations, which makes prioritization an ongoing challenge, but rest assured, we’re chugging through the list and always seeking your feedback.

      The 4.x upgrade to the other models is particularly exciting–we have exceptional results, so it’s now just a matter of deploying them into production.

      Release within 30 days

      1. API access
      2. Binance.us available for Auto Trade
      3. BCH upgrade to 4.x
      4. LTC upgrade to 4.x
      5. ETH upgrade to 4.x
      6. Short upgrade to 4.x
      7. Post covering how to do DIY machine learning research for traders (101 level)
      8. Calculator tax inclusion
      9. Member Dashboard upgrade

      Under research for near-term release

      1. Portfolio management
      2. Expanded API capabilities and “pro” level features for commercial purposes
      3. SMS notifications
      4. Bitcoin Dominance capabilities
      5. Market Index notifications
      6. Extreme price change notifications
      7. Mobile app enhancements (namely remembering session)
      8. Stair-stepped limit orders

      Under research for TBD release

      1. Leveraged pair support
      2. Crypto/crypto pair support
      3. Exchange stop losses for Auto Trade

      If you have questions or we’ve missed something here, please let us know. And of course, if you like the service, please share with your friends and following via our referral program.

      Thank you!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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