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      2. Initial round of speed enhancements were deployed last week to improve fetching of complex data on the Member Dashboard and Daily Updates. Members should now experience faster loading times. Additional work is planned to further improve load times.

      9. Forums released. Please let us know of usability and feature requests here.

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      Big news

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      Big news! Crypto-ML is now officially registered with the NFA and CFTC as a Commodity Trade Advisor. This is a HUGE step that gives us considerable new abilities and enhances consumer (YOU) protection.

      1. Disclosure updates to comply with NFA and CFTC regulations

      2. Speed enhancements for Member Dashboard, Notifications, and Auto Trade pages

      3. Expansion to forex and futures via Invest-ML

      4. Email parsing: adding tags to email alerts (or API) so you can integrate with your own trading bots.

      5. Mobile apps: Release of mobile apps to leverage mobile notifications in addition to email.

      6. Long and short signal synchronization: generate long, short, and close status from a unified model

      7. Auto trade for specific brokers/exchanges: pending legal documentation/disclosure updates

      8. Backend enhancements to maintain security, speed, integrity

      9. Community forums

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