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      Above link has changed to the following for Telegram: https://t.me/Bots_vs_BTC

      Bot Tracker pinned in this chat room compares Bitcoin to a Dual Momentum Bot (Tradeium), Market Cap Index Bot (Shrimpy) and Machine Learning Bot (Crypto-ML).

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      @Banner, thanks so much for doing this tracking. It’s hugely valuable and drives much-needed transparency into this space.

      You started at a very challenging time–but it’s good to see performance in both bull and bear market (not to mention sideways).

      We can also take learnings from these other systems and feed them back into our data set. We do some of our own internal monitoring and benchmarking of similar solutions for this exact purpose.

      It was a tough drop right when we implemented a whole bunch of changes. But we now have some great trades open and will await to see how they close out.

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      Dual Momentum Investing (Tradeium), Machine Learning Investing (Crypto-ML) and Market Cap Index Investing (Shrimpy). Live results for you to decide what works best long-term.


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