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      I want to see the signals not only as an html-page in the browser, but also as json through api-calls. I trade on the deribit exchange and I want to open/close orders not manually but automatically. What do you think about it?

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      I’d like to see this as well!

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      Hello and thank you for the suggestion! This is possible and something we provide for partners already.

      I’ve added it to our list!

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      When do you expect your API will be ready for public access? In might make a script for Gmail API to catch Crypto-ML signals in the meantime if your API won’t be released soon.

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      Hi @zyang, let me get a firm answer on timelines back to this thread by next Tuesday the 28th. I’d like to get this made available.

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      I agree this would be great for us that use exchange apis to do trading. The auto-trading subscription does not do what I would like anyways. Currently parsing gmail api is not ideal.

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      Hey all,

      Throwing in my 2c.

      I’d love to use Autotrade as well as I often get in too late after the signal because I miss an email or the notification doesn’t pop up in my browser. Coming from Australia though, I can’t use Binance & Coinbase to buy & sell.

      I’d love to be able to build something in (for example) Microsoft’s PowerAutomate to connect to my own Exchange’s API to trade for me.

      Another awesome feature would be a connector for IFTTT. Then anybody can very simply extend the Autotrade to, for example, send themselves an SMS when there’s a signal, or invoke some other service.

      I feel this will open up the Autotrade subscription to many, many more people, including myself.


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      @quirk, thank you for offering this information. That is a good point on using it in conjunction with integration services such as IFTT, Power Automate, and Zapier.

      So you are aware, the API service is being worked on currently and will be the next major deployment.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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