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      Hi, just a quick query.

      I have upgraded my account but it seems that the iOS client has not been released yet.

      So my question is, will you send msg to my Chinese mobile number (+86)? If not, is there any way that I can be informed in time?

      Thanks for your help in advance~

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      Hello zzczznn,
      I guess what you can do is working with the emails

      They’re sent in real time, and they LL have the same subject

      Possibly there’s some service out there which filters those emails (Gmail does) and, maybe, send you an SMS or other type of notifications

      Years ago Google itself used to allow it, but right now I’m not completely sure

      Hope it helps 😉

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      Hello. Outside of Android mobile alerts, the notifications are sent immediately by email.

      As @matthew55 has suggesting, setting up rules and filters may help display these emails prominently or trigger additional workflows.

      Our team is exploring other notification options and iOS app as well.

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      Thanks for your reply~ Using email with its advanced filters is good way to read notifications!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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