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      Crypto-ML’s Auto Trade moves available funds between a particular pair as funds are available.

      For example, if you have enabled the BTC-USDT pair, then the following will happen:

      a) If Crypto-ML issues a SELL signal for BTC, then any available BTC balance you have will be moved to USDT. If there is no BTC balance, then you will receive a notification stating no balance is available (which is okay).

      b) If Crypto-ML issues a BUY signal for BTC, then any available USDT balance you have will be moved to BTC. Again, if there is no USDT balance, then you simply receive a notification that no funds were moved.

      As such, you would just want funds in either BTC or USDT. Once the proper signal comes, the funds will be moved accordingly.

      You can also manually move your funds at any time. If you want to close a position before Crypto-ML generates a SELL, you may do so.

      Auto Trade just moves what is left and available, if any.

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