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      I wouldn’t particularly go as far as to leverage this kind of signal. As you can see on the the trade history, Crypto-ML works well on a D scale. Leveraged positions are much more technical and fast-paced, usually being closed within hours or even minutes after being opened. So in a leveraged position you gotta be able to tell if your trade is gonna be a winner or a loser in a few hours after placing it, whereas with Crypto ML signals it may take a few days for the results to show.

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      They are usualy for shorter scales, however what are the negatives of applying it to the same scale as the crypto-ML if the stop losses are applied at the same point. If you assume any profitability of the crypto ML then that is multipled by 10. Ssur your loses are magnified however your profits are magnified by the same ?

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        It’s a good question. Fundamentally this comes down to your personal risk tolerance.

        Crypto is already extreme compared to traditional markets, like stocks. Applying leverage (obviously) amplifies everything.

        You mentioned stop losses, which would be critical to have. At 10x leverage, a 4% stop would result in a 40% loss. With this in mind, a few stopped-out trades will quickly kill your account.

        And as you rightfully pointed out, the biggest risk is a single bad trade could wipe your account out.

        Ultimately, you’d just have to be comfortable with the possibility of losing your money quickly. But of course, the potential reward is there too.

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      Yeh does your ML program set stop losses, if so was ave they been set to?

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      I think you can try with a maximum of 3x leverage.
      A leverage higher is risky.

      Also, 6% of the amont of your trade will be used for BitMex fee for each months. So, a manual close before Crypto ML can be recommended.

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      Does Auto-ML and Short-ML or any other Crypto-ML supports Bitmex API integration?

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        Hello @itsanas. Currently, Auto Trade supports integration with Binance and Coinbase Pro.

        It does not currently include BitMEX.

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      Leverage is dangerous, I don’t really perfer high leverages.

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      Has anyone tried applying these signals to leveraging on bitmex ?
      At 10x leverage your posistion become liquidated (lose all your money) if it drops bellow 7%.however with stop loses its not a problem. If these signals have granted 200% gains then then say an initial investment of 10k at 10times leverage (now 100k) times 200% is 200k so your initial 10k is now 200k. Am i missing something

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