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      Rob D

      Is the ability to run autotrade against more than one coin/portfolio no longer on the table?

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      Yeah, sorry–I did not call that out explicitly–I buried it under the BTC Conservative point.

      Yes, portfolio is still on the table and is in design. It makes a lot of sense when you add the concept of Aggressive and Conservative models. It will be good to adjust your allocation between the two as well as add other coins.

      So it’s coming but no firm date yet.

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      First, I want to acknowledge that we are truly in unprecedented times heading into unknown territory–I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

      We anticipate major jumps in the market so want to be properly positioned to ensure our customers are able to capture as much benefit as possible.

      Here’s what we’re working-

      BCH Upgrade to 5.0
      BTC and ETH have been upgraded to 5.0, which is a major improvement to predictive precision. Details here: https://crypto-ml.com/blog/machine-learning-upgrade-to-5-0-deep-neural-networks/

      BCH will be upgraded by the end of next week (Mar 27).

      Retiring LTC
      LTC will not be upgraded to 5.0. Rather, it will be retired to be replaced with BTC Conservative (more below).

      We have a low volume of LTC auto traders. Rather than adding more signals, it is better for us to keep a streamlined set of signals. If you are on LTC, we will contact you directly to ensure you roll off successfully.

      Making ML models requires a lot of high-skill human attention. As such, we’d rather focus our efforts and have a few excellent models instead of many mediocre ones.

      Introducing BTC Conservative
      Replacing LTC will be a new signal called BTC Conservative.

      Just like mutual funds are offered in Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative variants, we will take the same approach.

      We teased this concept in our new post here: https://crypto-ml.com/blog/how-crypto-ml-works/

      Our current models are Aggressive. They are optimized to maximize account value. To achieve this, they take risky positions.

      The Conservative version will instead be optimized to maximize win/loss ratio. As such, it naturally takes fewer trades that are higher probability. It changes the risk/reward equation.

      BTC Conservative is ideal for institutional investors, hedge-fund managers, and individuals looking to play it safe in uncertain times.

      One sample strategy would be to use BTC Aggressive when the Market Index is positive, and BTC Conservative when the Market Index is negative.

      Once our Portfolio Management is released, you could even adjust the percentage of your trading between these two strategies.

      Pro and API Offers
      Our offerings are set to include direct API access and a set of offers focused on professionals. The technology for all of this is already in place. We are currently working legal considerations and finalizing the contractual structure.

      Details will follow shortly.

      Dominance Indicator
      In a customer recent survey, the idea of predicting changes in Bitcoin Dominance rose to the top.

      Given the opportunity to deploy the Neural Networks, our team determined enhancing the core needed to be the main focus. We are continuing to explore Dominance prediction, but will do so secondary to ensuring our existing predictions are performing their best.

      Maximizing Your Return
      Playing off of the note above, we want to ensure you we’re committed to getting the best machine learning capabilities in front of these uncertain times.

      These are not exactly circumstances you can train for, but it seems our Neural Nets are still seeing core patterns to play. We will be constantly feeding new information into our systems and watching metrics closely.

      We wish you all health and success! If you have thoughts or questions–and especially in terms of how we can best support you in these times–please let us know.

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