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      I would love this feature as well.

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      Okay, then it’s next for our ML team. I agree it’s a good feature and something people have been asking about.

      The API/DB team will be rolling out several new features shortly, but the ML side of all are already complete, so the timing is good. We’ll get an update on upcoming features within a week.

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      Maximizing crypto ++

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      i mean, isn’t it inherently the same? Have some bitcoin. Sell at a high price. Buy back at a low price. Rinse and repeat…. what am I missing? Its just that the last step in this carousel is to buy back at a low price and not sell.

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      No I don’t believe it is the same at all.

      Gain 10% of your FIAT with your Crypto-ML trades mean you gain 10% of your FIAT capital. Factor off inflation and your 10% gain is slightly less valuable.

      Assuming a similar 10% gain on your BTC with your Crypto-ML trades mean you gain 10% of your BTC capital. Factor on deflation and your 10% gain is going to be a lot more, in a bull market anyways. Looking at the historical gain in value of BTC, regardless of the state of the market, it means you are more likely to gain a lot more maximizing BTC rather than maximizing FIAT.

      Obviously, I am bullish on the future of crypto. Which is why I am here on Crypto-ML. I truly believe that BTC will eventually be worth $1M at some point. Which is why I would love to maximize my BTC.

      Of course, if BTC goes to zero, then my argument flies out of the window.

      I am sure there are others who would rather have their gains in FIAT. Maybe we can have two different trade models? I don’t know.

      All I am saying is that I can trade Forex if I wanted a gain in FIAT (already doing this). Less complicated for the uninitiated and lower cost of entry.
      But I love crypto. Once you dive deep into the crypto rabbithole, you never go back.

      May I also suggest an additional feature on the Trade History page? You have the “Account Value” and “Account Return”. You also have the “Buy-and-Hold Account” and “Buy-and-Hold Return”. Any way you could add a “Dollar Cost Average Account” and “Dollar Cost Average Return” columns? I have a feeling the DCA Return column might have fared pretty well and will continue to do well.

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      I would think the ML might be able to make different decisions if its goal was to maximize BTC instead of USD. For example, if BTCUSD is going up at resistance, the model might be more likely switch to BTC instead of staying in USD, because there’s a chance it could lose a lot of BTC value, if the resistance breaks.

      I haven’t clearly wrapped my head around this either, so I would appreciate an explanation from the experts about how the model might make different decisions.

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      Yeah, it took some digging for me to see the difference. Here’s a scenario:

      1. Use USD to buy 1 BTC at $5,000.
      2. BTC goes to $10,000. Sell 1 BTC to USD.

      You have a 2x USD gain.

      Now, BTC price moves up to $12,000 and you buy back in.

      You can only buy 0.83 BTC.

      So while your USD value has gone up 2x, your BTC has dropped from 1 to 0.83.

      It’s all interchangeable money, but there are people who want to trade in a way that specifically targets building the BTC quantity.

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      Looking forward to seeing this

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      The ONE thing I am waiting for Crypto-ML to do is for the ML to maximise our BTC instead of maximising our FIAT.

      How far along are we in figuring this out? Or are we even working on this?

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