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      Rob D

      Coinbase allows up to 5 portfolios, each with their own separate api keys, I wonder if you might allow multiple autotrades, such that you could autotrade btc in one portfolio, bch in the next, ltc in another, etc. Might be worth launching that together with anomaly detection versions of the other coins. Thanks for considering!

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      Wow! I didn’t know about Coinbase multiple portfolios. This is perfect and exactly what I have wanted for a long time, as I like to experiment with a different strategies. Thanks for the info!

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      Yes, I agree it would be a very great addition to the current platform…

      Actually, I also think they’re already working on something to do exactly the same, but maybe thx to Coinbase and this new feature it will be even easier/faster to implement such a thing in Crypto ML 😉

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      Wow, I wasn’t aware of that either. Interesting feature and something we can potentially leverage. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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