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      I’ll like to know if in your roadmap you are planning to integrate more exchanges for the auto-trade functionality.

      It’d be great to setup different pairs through different exchanges. So, for example, I could follow the auto-trade signals of LTC/USDC in Binance and BTC/USDC in Coinbase Pro.

      CoinbasePro only allow one account for individual.


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      I would like to be able to automatically trade multiple pairs. So maybe you could allocate a percentage of your account to each pair. So for example, with Coinbase Pro you could do

      BTC-USD – 50%
      LTC-USD – 20%
      ETH-USD – 20%
      BCH-USD – 10%

      And you could change those numbers to align with your view of the current market.

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        Maybe this approach couldn’t work, because Crypto-ML make trades with 100% of your balance. That’s why I was thinking of using different exchanges for this approach.

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      This is a good question and we have received this sort of request from multiple people. Both methods (multiple exchanges and/or as a percentage allocation) are interesting.

      The team responsible for this sort of work is focused on getting Binance released, but tackling feature this seems like a great next step. I’m shooting to have an updated roadmap out to everyone this week.

      Thanks for the insights and recommendations…keep them coming!

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      Thanks, Justin! Having Binance integrated with the auto trader would be a great advance.

      Having the support for multiple exchange per CryptoML account, would be amazing.

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