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      Machine learning model Release 3.5 was moved to production over the course of the last three days.

      Release Notes

      1. Trailing stop losses – to better capture profits
      2. Trade Meter enhancement – to sync with various “sell” parameters, including ML sell, predictive sell, stop loss, and trailing stop
      3. Minor bug fixes

      Performance Notes

      Based on applying the 3.5 model on historical data:

      BTC +15%
      BCH +115%
      LTC +58%
      ETH +27%

      More Details

      Full post: https://crypto-ml.com/crypto-trading-machine-learning-models-upgraded/

      Coming Soon

      Release 4.0 will allow the Market Index and Trade Alert Models to communicate and coordinate actions.

      Questions and Comments

      Please reply here with questions and comments.

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      @martyf, this is fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

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