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      i’d bet a big priority is their anomaly detection

      Big News Coming–Breakthrough in Anomaly Detection

      if I’m reading this right, it means that the ML bot will be able to capture and profit off of the swings in price we see daily.

      at least thats what I’m hoping for. 🙂

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      Hi guys, yes…thanks for asking this.

      , you nailed it. Yes, anomaly detection is what will help our models get to the next level in terms of better capturing profits, especially in a variety of market conditions.

      The big dependency for this was we needed to build our data set going back very far such that we can better evaluate performance in terms of big market cycles (which typically only swings a couple of times per year). This involved a lot of scripts and web scraping.

      The good news is we have the data now and are pushing forward.

      We owe another report on where we are with features and when to expect things, so more to come soon!

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      Good to know you’re going ahead on the anomaly detection feature, and looking forward to reading the updates about it!

      I asked because I’d be interested also in the multi-currencies support for the Auto Trade feature, as mentioned in other posts…

      Best regards

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      Yes, @matthew55–thank you. Portfolio (multi-currency) is also on the table.

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      Hi all,
      and thank you for the last published update (

      Would like to know what’s the nearest enhancement we can expect to see live…

      Is it possible to have an idea about your priorities and what you’re working on right now?

      Thank you as always

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