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      I noticed that some analysts are looking at some new non-traditional forms of data to try to find correlations to price, such as “Spent Output Age Bands” and “Spent Output Profit Ratio”.

      If not already aware, there is a service called Glassnode that aggregates this data. I thought this might be useful to you to feed to the ML model going forward, or at least experiment with.

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      Hey, thanks for sharing this.

      I signed up for that site and reading through the article:

      SOPR is a pretty interesting metric.

      The challenge with this site and most other data sources is they only publish it on a daily basis. To do our work, we need a live stream of data. That said, we can still run some analytics and deep learning against daily numbers to see if anything is there. I can also see if we have raw data available that’ll allow us to calculate SOPR and others on our own.

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