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      We just published this article on machine learning (Crypto-ML) predicting the bull market ahead of most technical methods/analysts: https://crypto-ml.com/bull-market-review-crypto-ml-predicted-it-sooner/

      Specifically, the Market Index flipped to “bull” on Mar 29, which was several days before the market took off. In the article, we show the gains this translates to (it’s a lot).

      This was paired with a trade signal for Bitcoin on the same day as well: https://crypto-ml.com/2019-bull-market-confirmed-according-to-the-crypto-ml-market-index/

      Here’s what was interesting from my perspective and frankly what made me nervous…

      Starting in late January, the Market Index was in strong negative territory but we saw it start going up every day. And it was going up quickly. This is, of course, coming off the absolutely brutal bear market.

      The interesting thing about this is the market was largely going sideways (between $3500 to $4100). The Market Index then crossed into “BULL” without seeing a preceding ramp in price.

      This made me nervous.

      Was it too early? Why exactly was it moving up so aggressively?

      That is one of the challenges with machine learning…it can be difficult to know exactly why a call/change was made.

      At a high level, the Market Index model gets “points” if it increments the Market Index and future prices do in fact go up (same is true for dropping). Read here for more: https://crypto-ml.com/how-the-market-index-works/

      Because of this, the Market Index was moving up sharply for a couple of months ahead of this bull break. Ultimately, this was a fantastic call that came three days before the first run and well ahead of the next major run. Most traditional methods missed one or both of these.

      Regardless, it’s amazing to see the technology doing its thing and working hard to effectively *predict* the market. Exciting times ahead as we continue to refine and improve these models.

      And either way, we are absolutely thrilled to see the return of a crypto bull market, some great volume, and news of real adoption in this space!

      For those who were here on Mar 29, what did you think of the call?

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      That was a great call! You guys have made an excelent job!
      I have to say I’m kinda anxious right now as to when the AI is going to recommend a close on these long positions, as a correction “seems” due. Anyway, let’s leave that up to the machine, that’s why we’re here after all!

      As a trial member I’m very satisfied with the product so far and strongly considering a membership after the demo ends.

      Best regards
      Maicon Zeppenfeld

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      Well done on the great work, filtering the signals from the noise. Also interested to know when the ‘signal’ comes to close the position in BTC. Bearing in mind, no pun intended, that we are in a full bull run now.

      Regards Richard

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      @maiconerd, thanks so much for the kind words!

      , you as well. We’re definitely glad to see it has filtered as it has too.

      And absolutely–the close is what matters. It is certainly possible we could see a “brutal and fast” drop following this run.

      Said another way, the “close” of a trade is what matters! As good as the open is, we can’t count it until it closes.

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      So i only just came across Crypto-ML a few days ago. How did this trade go eventually? I am sure it has already closed already by now?

      Am very interested in signing up for auto-trade. Just reading up the forums and the FAQs and the How-tos’ for now.

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        Hello @razali1984, thank you for joining!

        Great question and it has gone quite well so far. The market has definitely been bullish since. This chart should say more than words:

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