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      The alert on your phone for a call would be the same as receiving a text message or an app push notification (ring + vibrate).
      If you think they are easy to miss maybe you could assign a specific ringtone + volume profile for Crypto – ML app. I know that’s possible on most Android phones (config -> apps -> notifications) but I’m not sure about iOS though.

      By the way that won’t be an issue anymore when they finally deploy their API integration

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      Interesting suggestion. We have not considered phone call yet. I can add it for review.

      In general, the response from @maiconerd matches our thoughts as well. Enabling auto trade is really the best solution.

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      In my opinion both of your notification methods, app notifications and e-mails, are inadequate. Just to easy to miss a signal. Please consider adding robocalls as a notification option. When an alert is issued the trader receives a(highly configurable)robocall alerting him to the signal. This is the most practical way of reaching someone.

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