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      Hello, I am one of the Crypto-ML principals and will be helping the admin and support team with community engagement. I’ll be happy to answer questions you may have and look forward to the discussion.

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      Hello, my name is Mark and I’am a crypto enthusiast, long term hodler, fan of IOTA and a software engineer and currently making my first experiences with ml technologies (and therefore very curious about your service).

      Congrats to your new community! Let’s grow the community and let’s exchange interesting stuff around crypto.

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      Hi guys. My name is Anson, and I’m also a long time crypto enthusiast based in Singapore. Good work on the market index. But would be great what type of criteria you have to see how you came up with the index. At least some hints 😀

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      Hi All,
      Richard here, I’m interested in having ML as one option ( and hopefully a safe one with solid returns ) to my trading / investing. Love the concept and wish you guys the best of luck with the initiative. Will ask questions and share ideas as they come up.

      Regards Richard

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        Hi Richard, thanks for the introduction. We are glad to have you here and appreciate the well wishes. I look forward to your questions and ideas!

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      Hello and welcome to the newly launched Crypto-ML Community! If you’d like to share and grow your trading knowledge, you can start by introducing yourself here.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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