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      PLEASE! Coinbase has literally the most expensive fee set for U.S customers at .5%/.5%. It’s costing me nearly $100 per Bitcoin per trade. A few Bitcoin position costs HUNDREDS of dollars. When you add this up with losing trades and small winners, it eats into the profit margin of the bot significantly.

      Gemini: .35%/25%
      Kraken: .16%/.26%
      Binance US: .1%/.1%

      I would imagine the Binance US API is nearly identical to the Binance API given that the platform uses the exact same software.

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      Rob D

      If its any solace, when bitcoin moons coinbases fee schedule wont hurt as much (they decrease with usd volume). But agreed more options would be interesting.

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      Binance.us is in active development and should be available within the next couple of weeks!

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      even kraken would be great.

      and then we could get monero !!! 🙂

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