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      Crypto-ML is pleased to announce the release of several new back-end features that are designed to better protect your funds in the volatile crypto markets.

      The changes:

      1. Better protect profitable trades via improved trailing stop capabilities.
      2. Better exit negative trades via improved stop loss capabilities.

      As veteran traders know, effective risk management is what allows you to thrive in the long run.

      Change Details

      1. If you are interested in the details behind these improvements, they fall into three categories:
      Stop and Trailing Stop monitoring has been extracted from the machine learning pipeline. This gives us near-instant response to stop conditions.

      2. An enhanced mechanism for protecting profitable trades was deployed. As price stalls or begins reversing, this will kick in. A couple of hours after deployment, this mechanism proved itself by successfully locking in the +6.75% BCH trade right near the peak of price movement.

      3. Minor adjustments were made to the buy, sell, and stop thresholds as determined by our optimization algorithms.

      These changes apply to all of our signals. No action is needed on your end.

      Help and Questions

      If you have any questions about these changes, we’re here to help. Please contact us via the standard channels:

      Contact Support
      Reply here on the Community Forums
      Chat on Telegram

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