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      Rob D

      Would also be interesting to see how it affects performance is the trailing Stop loss is only activated after clearing a certain gain threshold. Ex: Start at -3.5%, but if the trade is up 10% then activate a trailing stop to lock in 6-7% gain, actual numbers can vary of course.

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      I did for the current ETH signal, I moved the SL a few times
      ETH open at 158.4€ And SL close at 167.5€ With +5.75%, not too bad for a single day !

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      Yes, the last two ETH trades were great snipes.

      In terms of the stop losses, those levels are set by machine learning. It’s really challenging to find the right level–you hate to get bumped out on a minor dip only then to miss out on an upswing. But you also need to control the risk exposure. So we let the ML handle the best levels.

      What I can say is as the predictions (Neural Net step) get better, the optimizer step gets more comfortable with tightening the stop losses. Especially the trailing stop.

      We expect really good things to come out of the new BTC Neural Net updates. Based on those updates, it did pull in the stop losses. But it has yet to prove itself in the wild.

      Assuming all goes to plan, ETH and BCH will take advantage of those new volatility vectors and will likely see tighter stops as a result.

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      With the manual trader plan we don’t know your trailing stops , or do you write it somewhere in the dashboard ?
      I’d like an auto trader plan but I won’t change my Kraken account

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      When we get a trade signal, e.g. ETH open long buy at $170 -> SL -3.5%. = 164$

      if ETH goes up to $190, should we leave the SL at $164 and wait for your close long signal ?

      or can we make the SL follow at 2% or 3% below the current price?

      what is the best strategy ?

      thank you

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