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      Once you sign in to Crypto-ML, you should be redirected to the Member Dashboard at https://crypto-ml.com/member-dashboard/.

      The Predictions and Trade Alerts will update automatically. You do not need to refresh your browser.

      If these values are not updating, even when you refresh the page, it is possible there is something blocking Crypto-ML from functioning as desired.

      Typically, your browser has cached parts of Crypto-ML’s data that should not be cached.

      To resolve:

      1. While on the Member Dashboard, hold the CTRL key and click the refresh button on your browser. This will do a “hard refresh” of the page and should force your browser to fetch the latest info.

      2. If you have an ad blocker running, turn that off for Crypto-ML. 
      – On Brave, you can click the “shields down” button while on our site. 
      – For uBlock Origin, you can click the Power button while on our site. 
      – Most other ad blockers have similar functionality.

      3. If these do not work, try going to https://crypto-ml.com/member-dashboard/?ref=nocache (that addition on the back should trigger it to avoid cache)

      If you are still facing issues, please Contact Support or reply here. Please also let us know the browser you are using and whether or not you have an ad blocker installed.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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