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      Thank you, this is a good catch. It is now corrected.

      The trade history could be automated, however, we review each trade as a group and enter by hand. This is intentional and a process designed to hold the system accountable. Unfortunately though, it can cause such a human typo.

      PS- The standard BTC model called a sell before this event. It seemed something dramatic would happen either way and each model took a different position. Thanks to you once again.

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      Rob D

      I wouldnt be surprised if the standard BTC sold because we were bumping up against the 200dma without any significant breakthrough for a while (and with the luxury of looking back it made the right choice). BTC-beta didnt exactly blow it either though, taking the whole swing into consideration getting 5.5% isnt bad for a weeks work. It popped off another negative anomaly too, so if we continue down into the low 8’s/7’s I would certainly enjoy that buying opportunity.

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      Yep! I totally agree with your assessment. Seems like we’re at a very pivotal point here around the 200 day. We’re also seeing the Market Index right on edge.

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      Rob D

      Think you goofed entering in trade history for BTC-beta. You entered the buy signal on 1/10 twice (8097). Second one should be on 1/11 BUY at 8188 which just closed 1/19 SELL at 8637. Not a bad pickup to get back on course, too bad we got slammed down by a big player. Guess they didn’t like 9100 that much 🙁 I doubt an algo will ever predict that kind of event!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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