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      Hello everyone,

      As an update of what is coming between now and end of May:

      1) Changes to stop loss logic. Currently, both the stop loss and trailing loss are part of the ML pipeline because they consider the prediction before making a call. We are instead moving to hard stop loss logic outside of the ML pipeline. This will allow the stops to react much more quickly.

      2) Optimizations for trade frequency and thresholds. The ML team has been performing deep-dive analyses into fine-tune optimizations. Such improvements will be deployed in concert with the stop loss logic enhancement as a way to improve end-to-end risk management.

      3) New model optimized for BTC gain rather than USD gain.

      4) Portfolio trading, which will provide users the ability to follow multiple models. Below is a screenshot from a demo of this functionality:

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      Rob D

      Love the portfolio implementation, looks easy to use, cant wait to get started!

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      Excited about #3 and #4 especially! Not sure what #2 means exactly, but optimizations are always good.

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      Great, thanks guys. And #2 really just means better trade performance.

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