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      The USD/BTC trading pair has successfully passed the beta gates and is now considered a generally available release.

      The concept of the USD/BTC trading pair is to increase the quantity of Bitcoin you hold. It is benchmarked against holding 1 Bitcoin.

      If you trade in and out of Bitcoin as the US Dollar fluctuates, can you increase the quantity of Bitcoin you hold?

      This requires a different strategy and approach than trying to increase your USD holdings. More details are in our post Increase Your Bitcoin Quantity by Trading the USDBTC Pair.

      Beta Results
      The USD/BTC pair launched on July 1 and was in beta for the entire month of July. During that time:

      – 6 trades were issued
      – Max trade was 2.51%
      – Min trade was -0.72%
      – Average trade was 1.20%
      – Fixes were identified and deployed on July 13
      – The end result was a 7.39% increase in BTC holdings

      This means instead of holding 1 BTC, an account would hold 1.07 BTC (excluding trading fees).

      Full details may be found on our Trade History.

      Next Steps
      USD/BTC is available as a trading signal and is also eligible for Auto Trade.

      Based on the success and interest, Crypto-ML is exploring a USD/ETH pair with the goal of increasing your ETH holdings.

      Please do let us know of any questions by replying here, via Support, or on Telegram.

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      Looks great! Would it be possible to get a view of this including estimated fees?

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