Crypto-ML has two types of long trade alerts for its customers. This page describes the differences and will help you select the proper option for your particular trading style.

The options are:

  1. Crypto-ML Standard
  2. Auto-ML

Note, for short selling, please see Short Sell Notifications.


Crypto-ML was built upon the concept that trading should be a simple activity, allowing for a once-daily interaction with a tool. This is ideal for swing traders and allows for the many benefits that come along with it, such as reduced stress and lower human interaction.

However, certain traders want to be more directly engaged with the market and may enjoy the demands of continuous trading. For this audience, Auto-ML provides a solution that continuously monitors the market and may issue alerts at any time–day or night.

Summary of Crypto-ML Notification Options

Option 1: Crypto-ML Standard

Daily 7 PM EST Alerts

The standard alerts are the backbone of the Crypto-ML platform. Once daily at 7pm EST, data is pulled and evaluated by the Crypto-ML machine-learning models. Upon completion, an email alert is generated. The advantage is users know when to expect alerts and can thereby reduce stress and avoid constantly watching the markets.

  • User experience: receive an email shortly after 7PM EST every day with the recommended action.
  • Cryptocurrency supported: BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC
  • Advantage: consistency

See Crypto-ML Trade History

Option 2: Auto-ML

Continuous Alerts

Whereas the standard alerts come at a consistent time, Auto-ML can trigger at any point. The Crypto-ML machine-learning models are constantly monitoring the markets and may notify users to BUY or SELL at any time. The advantage is the machine-learning models are less constrained and can potentially catch big movements sooner.

  • User experience: receive an email whenever a BUY or SELL alert is generated–24×7.
  • Cryptocurrency supported: BTC
  • Advantage: quick response to market changes

See Auto-ML Trade History

How do I select the notification types I want to receive?

You can change your selections at any time using the Notification Selection page. You can also access this from your Member Dashboard.

Should I select one notification option or both?

By viewing the Auto-ML and Crypto-ML Standard results, you will notice that both log winning and losing trades. These systems work best when you follow every trade. You may experience three losing trades in a row, decide to skip the fourth, only to find that became a winning trade that offset the previous losses. Picking and choosing trades to take may compromise results.

The machine-learning models were designed to maximize cumulative results, which is apparent in the history. Therefore, it is recommended to choose one option. Alternatively, users may choose to follow both with separate funds.

Is Auto-ML day trading?

Although Auto-ML was initially envisioned as day trading, we found the results were not satisfactory when a trade quantity was forced. Machine learning works best when constraints are removed.

As you can see in the history, some trades are opened and closed within 24 hours. However, some of the best trades are open for weeks. It would be better to describe Auto-ML as swing trading, though timing is not a specific constraint.

Does Crypto-ML provide auto-trading?

The challenge for users with Auto-ML is a trade may be triggered while you are unavailable to access your account. Ideally, Auto-ML would initiate buy and sell orders directly in your account, allowing the solution to be truly automated.

In fact, this solution has already been completed by engineering.

The “Auto-Trade” feature will initiate trades in your account automatically based on Auto-ML signals, eliminating human latency. Auto-Trade is pending regulatory approval by the CFTC (

We will provide updates as the approval progresses.

Will the notifications conflict?

Yes. The Crypto-ML Standard and Auto-ML alerts are completely independent and may provide conflicting signals at any given time.

Which notification option performs best?

Both notification options have historically exceptional results. There is no guarantee on the future performance of either.

Fundamentally, given the fewer constraints Auto-ML faces, our expectation is that it will outperform Crypto-ML Standard. That said, if you are unable to react to the notifications in a timely manner, your personal latency may impact results and it may be better to use Standard instead.

Which cryptocurrencies does Crypto-ML Standard support?

The Crypto-ML Standard notifications support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Which cryptocurrencies does Auto-ML support?

The Auto-ML notifications support Bitcoin.

How are Auto-ML alerts delivered?

If you have selected to be notified in Notification Settings, email alerts are sent whenever an alert is triggered. Emails are only sent for “BUY” and “SELL” calls. Unlike Crypto-ML Standard, “HOLD” notifications are not issued.

Which option is best for me?

If you are a busy professional seeking to take advantage of the cryptocurrency markets as a side interest, Crypto-ML Standard is likely the best option for you.

If you are a serious trader, willing and able to monitor the markets closely and drop what you’re doing to execute trades, Auto-ML is likely the best option for you.

Either way, the selection is a choice only you can make. Individual results will vary, and of course, invest responsibly.

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