Bitcoin Data for Machine Learning

Access the data we use to predict Bitcoin price movement, including 57 data points spanning economic, global index, commodity, and sentiment. Use this data for machine learning and AI projects.

You’ll find both raw and transformed data. We have evaluated hundreds of data points and found these to be the most influential in predicting the price of Bitcoin 30 days in the future.

Bitcoin Data for Machine Learning

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Bitcoin Data for Machine Learning General Information

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It costs hundreds of dollars per month to gather, store, and transform this data. This data set will be highly beneficial if you’re interested in running your own machine-learning experiments.

  • Updates daily shortly after 0 UTC.
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Bitcoin Data for Machine Learning API

You can utilize our API services to build your data set programmatically as new data arrives. API keys are included with the Insider Pro membership.

Learn how to use Crypto-ML’s APIs.

Bitcoin Data for Machine Learning Convention

  • Each row is a data field.
  • Data fields beginning with “x” are raw data points. Manipulate them to suit your project’s needs.
  • Data fields beginning with “v” are features used in our machine-learning models. These are either an index or transformed.

Bitcoin Data for Machine Learning Definitions

DateDate of data pull
xPriceBitcoin price at time of data pull
xPriceSmoothBitcoin price average of current and prior 2 days
x3PriceBitcoin price 3 days ago
v3PricePercent change between xPrice and x3Price * 100
x10PriceBitcoin price 10 days ago
v10PricePercent change between xPrice and x10Price * 100
x30PriceBitcoin price 30 days ago
v30PricePercent change between xPrice and x30Price * 100
x60PriceBitcoin price 60 days ago
v60PricePercent change between xPrice and x60Price * 100
x90PriceBitcoin price 90 days ago
v90PricePercent change between xPrice and x90Price * 100
vSentimentFear and greed index including volatility, market momentum/volume, social media, dominance, and Google Trend data.
vDOMDay of the month
vDOWDay of the week
xBBup30-day Bollinger Band upper limit
xBBlow30-day Bollinger Band lower limit
vBBup(xBBup – xPrice) / xPrice
vBBlow(xBBlow – xPrice) / xPrice
vVIXThe CBOE Volatility Index.
v30VIX30-day change in the vVIX * 100
v13WTThe 13-week treasury bill rate
v3013WT30-day change in the v13WT * 100
v10YRTThe 10-year treasury bond rate
v3010YRT30-day change in the v10YRT * 100
vYieldCrvv10YRT – v13WT
v30-YieldCrv30-day change in the vYieldCrv * 100
xCrudeNY crude oil futures
v30Crude30-day change in the xCrude * 100
xWheatChicago wheat futures
v30Wheat30-day change in the xWheat * 100
vDXDollar Index
v30DX30-day change in the vDX * 100
xSP500S&P 500
v30SP50030-day change in the xSP500 * 100
xNASDNASDAQ composite
v30NASD30-day change in the xNASD * 100
xDowDow Jones Industrial Average
v30Dow30-day change in the xDow * 100
xRussellRussell 2000
v30Russell30-day change in the xRussell * 100
xGoldCMX gold futures
v30Gold30-day change in the xGold * 100
xEURUSDEUR/USD currency exchange rate
x30EURUSD30-day change in the xEURUSD * 100
xUSDJPYUSD/JPY currency exchange rate
v30USDJPY30-day change in the xUSDJPY * 100
xFTSELondon top 100 stock index Financial Times Stock Exchange
v30FTSE30-day change in the xFTSE * 100
xShenzhenChina top 500 stock index Shenzhen Stock Exchange
v30Shenzhen30-day change in the xShenzhen * 100
xNikkeiJapan top 225 stock index Tokyo Stock Exchange
v30Nikkei30-day change in the xNikkei * 100
xEmerMariShares MSCI emerging markets ETF
v30EmerMar30-day change in the xEmerMar * 100
StampUnique row key that can be ignored

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