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Ethereum Added to Crypto-ML Trade Alerts

Crypto-ML is pleased to announce the addition of trade alerts for Ethereum. This has been a highly requested feature.

While Ethereum did not previously pass governance controls, the heavy volatility between December and now has allowed for vastly improved machine-learning models and results. For more on the reasons behind this, please see the post Major Enhancements to Crypto-ML Algorithms.

Beginning tomorrow (May 3), Crypto-ML subscribers will receive triggers for Ethereum. Ethereum is currently in a BUY position.

Ethereum Algorithm Performance

The table here shows how the Crypto-ML algorithm compares to buy-and-hold. These figures assume the growth of a hypothetical $1,000 investment at the start of trading for each cryptocurrency*.

Crypto-ML TradesBuy-and-HoldImprovement Multiple
Bitcoin Cash$4,764$2,6311.81

Most Recent Buy or Sell

CryptoTriggerGenerated At


$6,732 on 04/09/18


$399 on 04/09/18


$115 on 04/09/18
BCH (beta)


$649 on 04/10/18

Please note, certain historical data are back-tested trade data points. Crypto-ML evolves, so this table shows back performance of the current iteration of the platform. For information on major algorithm updates, please see the system updates page.

Calculations assume initial investment and any gains/losses are reinvested back in for the next trade. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Performance numbers do not include fees and/or taxes associated with trading. Individual results will vary. Invest responsibly. Important terms apply to the use of Crypto-ML. Please read full terms before proceeding.


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