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News: Trade History Log and Crypto-ML Closes Loss on Bitcoin

On March 27, Crypto-ML closed a position for an 8.09% loss on Bitcoin. The trade was opened on March 23. This follows the 15.26% gain closed on March 8.

Crypto-ML does post losses. However, the average historical gain on winning trades is 52.93%, whereas the average loss on losing trades is 5.46%*.

In fact, Crypto-ML succeeds because it has a solid history of protecting against losses and even turning profits in both bear and sideways markets. During the 2014-2015 markets, Crypto-ML algorithms outperformed buy-and-hold by over 4x*.

To get a better sense of how Crypto-ML handles losses and to see the complete history, please check out the Bitcoin Crypto-ML trading history.

*Please note, certain historical data reflect backward-looking algorithm decisions. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Performance numbers do not include fees and/or taxes associated with trading. Individual results will vary. Invest responsibly. Important terms apply to the use of Crypto-ML. Please read full terms before proceeding.


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