Crypto-ML closed Litecoin position for 29% win

Yesterday, Crypto-ML closed a Litecoin position for a 29% profit. The position was open for 23 days.

Crypto-ML utilizes machine-learning algorithms to generate buy, hold, and sell signals for cryptocurrency trading.

Below is a visual of the spike in Litecoin price that Crypto-ML captured:

Litecoin Position Close Crypto-ML

To learn more about Crypto-ML and join, please visit the homepage at Crypto-ML.com.

  • bitcoin
    $6,377.95 -2.53%24H
  • ethereum
    $291.67 -6.62%24H
  • bitcoin-cash
    Bitcoin Cash
    $545.94 -7.69%24H
  • litecoin
    $57.42 -4.61%24H
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