Crypto-ML machine learning protects members from cryptocurrency-market crash

The cryptocurrency markets are currently in a significant downtrend. The Crypto-ML machine-learning algorithms captured a brief (23-25 day) upswing in February and March, but posted SELL signals as the reversal began.

This saved members from a 26% loss in Litecoin (to date) and a 14% loss in Bitcoin (to date).

Buy positions were closed as follows:

Crypto ML Recent Sell Signals – Crypto ML

Shorting Bitcoin Futures

While it might seem logical to short sell Bitcoin Futures contracts based on Crypto-ML Bitcoin SELL signals, we need to advise our members that the Crypto-ML machine-learning algorithms are optimized for BUY-based profit. They are not currently suitable for profiting via short selling.

However, the Crypto-ML team is actively working on generating a new SHORT signal for Bitcoin Futures (XBT) to capitalize on downtrends.

Member Dashboard – Crypto ML Bitoin Price Chart

  • bitcoin
    $6,472.72 -0.2%24H
  • ethereum
    $203.84 -0.49%24H
  • bitcoin-cash
    Bitcoin Cash
    $446.78 -0.12%24H
  • litecoin
    $52.25 -0.89%24H
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