Understanding the Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index?


Ever logged into a platform and felt puzzled by the dashboard you see? You’re not alone. Many of our customers have echoed this sentiment, leading us to realize that we need to clarify our purpose and functionality better. This blog aims to demystify our dashboard, offering insights without going too deep into the technicalities.

What is our objective?

The best buying opportunities are when everyone’s selling from panic, but the intrinsic value of the object hasn’t changed

Imagine spotting a dealership Lamborghini on sale for just $5,000. Brand new yet priced so low due to the seller’s panic-driven decision that America will collapse. If you are not buying into the panic, you will see an opportunity to buy a Lamborgini for $5k and sell it 5 years later for $100k, as America has not collapsed. You will not miss the 95% discount right in front of you.

This analogy mirrors the best buying opportunities in the crypto market, often arising from widespread panic. Understanding intrinsic value versus market hysteria is key, especially in the volatile world of Bitcoin.

In Bitcoin, this happens frequently (around 4 times a year, with extreme panic and fear cycles repeating on average every 3 years), and the best way to understand this is by comparing it with social media sentiment. When many people talk about Bitcoin going to the moon, there is a 38% chance Bitcoin is in a greed cycle. When you overlay this with more factual data around macro parameters like crude oil prices, gold index, and 10-year treasury bond rate, you get a gauge of how much Bitcoin is in a greed cycle.

In mid-December, we’re releasing a detailed video exploring these correlations. Stay tuned for a comprehensive breakdown of how 57+ macro data points intertwine with Bitcoin’s market dynamics.

Our Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index and Sentiment Reversals

Our AI Index isn’t just a fancy tool; it’s a window into market cycles. Historical data shows a clear pattern: Bitcoin’s price drops during fear cycles and climbs in greed phases. This observation is pivotal for strategic investment decisions.

Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index

If you observe, in each fear cycle, the price of Bitcoin is lower than in the immediate greed cycle.

Why don’t you just enable auto trading, and let the algorithm execute trades based on the market index?

Our algorithm has yielded significant returns, and it’s only logical to enable auto-trading with these insights. However, we’ve shifted our focus due to regulatory ambiguities and a commitment to not hold customer funds. Partnerships with firms like SwanBitcoin ensure secure transactions directly to your hardware wallet. We offer insights on how much to purchase in what season.

Immediate Roadmap

Our immediate objectives to be completed in the next 2 months are listed below.

  • A compact course outlining the common mistakes that lead to losses for 80% of investors, equipping you with the essential knowledge to successfully navigate the cryptocurrency market. Live at https://cryptoml.gumroad.com/l/free-course
  • A detailed datasheet explaining how to calculate ROI and the effectiveness of our insights.
  • Step-by-step instructions for making your initial purchase when the market is fearful.
  • Strategies for selling gradually as market optimism increases.

We need to do more than what we are currently doing to show you that our Fear and Greed Index is not a simple gimic tool that most people sell.
And we minimize fees, understanding that they are the silent killers in long-term investing.

Black Friday Offer

This Black Friday, we’re offering lifetime access to our tools for just $99, significantly lower than the regular price of $399. If you’re seeking a hype-free, precise, and concise approach to crypto investing, this is your chance.

You get lifetime access to all the tools we create to be your true intelligence partner in crypto investing.

We will offer you a return window of 60 days to take us up on our roadmap and if you feel we don’t offer value that justifies the lifetime price, we’ll process a full refund.

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In essence, our platform is more than just a dashboard; it’s a comprehensive guide to making informed decisions in the crypto world. We’re committed to clarity, precision, and value. If our approach resonates with you, we welcome you to explore what we have to offer.


What exactly does your Market Index show?

It displays sentiment reversals as clear as summer and winter, giving you the insight needed to buy in fear cycles and sell in greed cycles.

How does the algorithm contribute to investment decisions?

The algorithm analyzes 57 macro parameters with social sentiments to guide buying in fear cycles and selling in greed cycles.

What does the Black Friday offer include?

It includes lifetime access to all our crypto investment tools at a discounted price of $99.

Coupon Code -> “BlackFriday”.

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Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, we offer a 60-day return window for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the value provided.

When is the in-depth video on Bitcoin correlations releasing?

The video is scheduled for release in mid-December.

Im in the free tier. Do I need to upgrade?

Yes. Our systems are expensive to maintain, and if you are in the free tier, this would be good time to lock in your price for life.

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