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Machine learning for crypto traders and investors.

Crystal-clear signals and deep market insights.

  • Simple to understand
  • Transparent results
  • Automated portfolio management

Reduce Uncertainty

Crypto-ML has a multi-year track record of helping its customers navigate bull and bear market cycles. By capturing gains in bullish times and protecting capital during bearish times, Crypto-ML has delivered long-term results.

Monthly performance:

Crypto-ML Performance 2021 April

See full trade history.

Real Results

Full Transparency

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Trade alert history is publicly available at Trade History. See real-world results in both bull and bear markets. Crypto-ML is a leader in transparency and consumer advocacy.


679% Gain

Actual Bitcoin trade alert performance. This compares to a 602% return for buy-and-hold during the same period*.

* Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Keeps Getting Smarter

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The beauty of machine learning is it keeps learning. Crypto-ML models continue to evolve and adapt to changing market conditions, becoming smarter every day.

Plans for every trader.

Choose from FREE and PAID membership options.

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Our models continue to learn, optimize, and improve. Our technology works hard to keep trading effective for you.

Leading-Edge Technology

Institutional investors and financial firms utilize machine-learning technologies to enhance their trading results.

We believe in leveling the playing field.

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See How Crypto-ML Works

Each Crypto-ML model generates signals generated via Deep Neural Networks and Optimization algorithms.

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Patent-Pending Automated Crypto Portfolio Management

Auto Trade allows you to connect your exchange to Crypto-ML's machine learning signals.

This puts bot trading and algorithmic trading into an easy-to-use portfolio management platform.

Crypto-ML Auto Trado Dashboard Portfolio

Change Your Approach

Stop using conflicting technical indicators.

Stop trying to trade with emotion and conflicting, unoptimized technical indicators. This is a real technical indicator snapshot of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Learn how to get the most from the Free Crypto-ML Membership.

Crypto-ML Trade Signals

Instead, start receiving crystal-clear signals.

Crypto-ML's machine learning continuously monitors the markets and uses its intelligence to cut through the clutter. Learn more about the Crypto-ML Trade Signal.
Crypto-ML Trade Signals

And deep market insights.

Expertly-developed machine learning models work behind the scenes to deliver market predictions and insights. Learn more about the Crypto-ML Price Prediction Indicators.

Crypto-ML Market Index 2021

Big data insights to identify trend reversals.

Crypto-ML’s Market Index uses technical data, social monitoring, and search analytics to quantify the cryptocurrency market and help identify large-trend reversals.
Crypto-ML Market Index 2021

Crypto-ML Demo

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Learn more about machine learning for crypto trading and the methodologies behind Crypto-ML.






Pricing and Membership Plans

Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


  • Gain market insights via Crypto-ML's machine learning-based Market Index.
  • Market Index
  • Price Prediction Indicators
  • Daily Updates
  • Community Access
  • Learning Center
  • No Credit Card Needed


$19 Monthly
  • Receive trade alerts generated by Crypto-ML's machine learning technology.
  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Trade Alerts
  • Market Index
  • Price Prediction Indicators
  • Intelligent Stop Losses
  • Community Access
  • Learning Center
  • PayPal or Credit Card


$29 Monthly
  • Connect your exchange to trade automatically when Crypto-ML generates an alert.
  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Automated Portfolio Management
  • All Features From Trader
  • Supports Coinbase Pro and Binance