Affiliate Program

Referral and Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Crypto-ML referral and affiliate program.

Do you want to refer a friend?

Or do you blog, publish reviews, or influence on social media?

If so, you can join, receive your unique referral link and begin earning fees for customers you refer to the program.

  • Referral Rate: 35%
  • Renewals: Paid
  • Tracking: Industry Best Practices
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It’s Simple!

Just click the “Enroll Now” button and you will receive a unique link. You can share this link with friends, family, or your social network.

If people sign up using your code, you’ll receive a referral fee for the life of their membership. See details below.

Crypto-ML My Affiliate Link

Program Overview

Crypto-ML uses industry best practices to provide an exceptional platform. This gives affiliates and referral partners an opportunity to generate recurring revenue.

Program Details

Key features of the Crypto-ML Referral and Affiliate Program:

  1. Upon registering as a referral partner, you will receive a special tracking link.
  2. Any traffic you send to will be tracked with a cookie following industry best practices.
  3. The tracking cookie is set for 180 days, giving you credit for each lead for six months.
  4. If the lead becomes a paying member of Crypto-ML, you will receive a 35% referral fee on both initial and recurring membership fees received by that customer.
  5. Referral fees are issued via PayPal every 30 days. Payments are issued when your referral balance is $100 or greater.

Since Crypto-ML memberships are paid on a monthly basis, you will earn on a monthly basis as well. As your referral base grows, you will enjoy a growing, recurring revenue source.

Please note that no tracking system is perfect. Certain privacy tools and other circumstances may cause issues with the tracking mechanism. However, Crypto-ML does employ industry standards and best practices. It is in our best interest to grow and thrive alongside our referral partners. We want you to succeed.

Special Promotions

Do you want to run a special promotion? Crypto-ML will also work with you to create coupon codes that will be tied to your affiliate account. If anyone uses your coupon, you’ll receive credit.

Coupon codes can be embedded in your URL for easy use.

Get Started

Getting started is easy! Just activate on your account and you’ll receive your unique link.

Important Note: if you already have a free or paid Crypto-ML membership, please sign in first. You can then simply elect to become a referral partner. Prior to your first payment, we may need to collect additional tax information from you, which can be entered on your Referral Dashboard.