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Accumulate Bitcoin with Proven Strategies.

Understand market psychology and boost your returns. Learn our proven framework to safeguard your investments.
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And while we are at it, we also explain how 80% of crypto losses occur.

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The Illusion of Expertise

Observe how seasoned investors fall for misleading, hype driven advice in their pursuit to make sense of crypto. Armed with this knowledge, base your decisions on solid research, not mere influence.
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Identifying Over-Inflated Crypto Trends

We want to fit in. The moment we don't, we feel unsafe. This trap builds on our innate desire to belong, forcing rushed decisions and under-researched investments. It's the same principle behind tokens like Safemoon and Dogecoin.
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Understanding Institutional Moves in Crypto

Institutional investors have early access to market insights. They buy to increase the prices, and once retail investors buy-in, they sell. As they account for 80% of market volume, a market crash follows.
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What's Inside?

Building Awareness Slidedeck

Building Awareness.

The Three Market Traps (TMT πŸ˜‰)

Just like TNT, they blow you out of the water, and you don't know what hit you. We codified them, helping you observe them as they happen.
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Building Awareness Slide Deck

Building Clarity.

22k+ Crypto Tokens. Which One?

We give you a data-driven framework on how to choose a token free from hype. And we give our reasons why you should only stick to Bitcoin.
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Building Momentum.

How to build & automate your purchases.

Dollar cost averaging is a time and tested framework. We help you analyze the ROI of your weekly investments, and show you the tools to automate weekly purchases.
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The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Getting Started

  • Welcome Aboard! - Here's what you can expect.
  • Who We Are - Let's get to know each other.

Part 2: Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • Why Smart People Lose Money - Understanding common traps.
  • Beware of 'Gurus' - Not all advice is good advice.
  • Don't Get Caught in the Hype - How to stay level-headed.
  • Retail Investor Mistakes - Common missteps to avoid.
  • Key Takeaways - Protecting your investment.

Bonus Material: Quick Tools for Smart Decisions

  • Hype Trap Analyzer - Your tool to stay grounded.

Part 3: Making Sense of Crypto

  • Choosing the Right Crypto - A simple guide.
  • Why Bitcoin Matters - Understanding its unique role.
  • How Bitcoin Works - From our friends at 3Blue1Brown.

Part 4: Crafting Your Crypto Strategy

  • Trading Downfalls - Why only 1% of traders make money after fees
  • The Long Game - Planning for the next five years.
  • Building Your Investment Plan - Your plan builder.
  • Automating purchases - Setting up systematic investment strategies.

Part 5: Next Step - Maximizing Your Returns

  • Strategies for Better Returns - Take your investment further.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What prior knowledge do I need before taking this course?

This course is designed for beginners. It focuses on developing an investment framework, even if you have no prior experience in crypto investing.

How is this course different from other cryptocurrency courses?

Tailored for working professionals, our course distills critical information into a concise format, lasting under 60 minutes. This format differs from typical courses that extend over 6-8 hours without putting a value on your time. We've focused on efficiency and relevancy, ensuring the content directly applies from the first minute.

What practical skills will I gain from this course?

The course helps you build your thinking on how to invest in cryptocurrencies or, precisely, why you should only invest in Bitcoin if you are starting. It covers strategies to avoid hype-driven investments, token selection, and effective dollar-cost averaging techniques. The content is particularly relevant for working professionals, offering realistic and grounded insights.

Can this course help me in making investment decisions?

We do not provide personalized financial advice due to scalability constraints and the unclear regulatory landscape surrounding individualized crypto advice. Instead, our course empowers you with the necessary insights to make independent decisions, ensuring you are not solely reliant on external advisors.

Why are we offering this course for free?

Our goal is to ensure no one looses money in crypto due to avoidable mistakes. We provide essential knowledge to help investors make informed decisions free of charge. And full disclosure, if you find value in our approach, we offer a more comprehensive, paid course titled "Comprehensive Crypto Blueprint" that delves deeper into advanced strategies that offer a 5x better ROI on the Simple DCA Framework outlined in this course.

How much time should I dedicate to this course weekly?

The course is designed to be completed in a single, focused session of approximately 60 minutes.

Will this course cover the technical aspects of blockchain technology?

While this course focuses on investment strategies rather than the technical workings of blockchain, we recommend resources like 3Blue1Brown's Bitcoin explainer for those interested in the technical side.

Will there be updates to the course material in the future?

Yes, the course will be continuously updated with the latest insights and frameworks to ensure relevancy. It will remain free, reflecting our commitment to ensure people don't lose money by avoidable mistakes.

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