Notification Options for Web and Mobile

Crypto-ML provides several trade-alert notification options. Whether web, mobile, or email–we have you covered. This guide will show you how.

Email Notification Options

By default, all customers receive the “Daily 7PM EST” updates by email. Trader and Auto Trader customers also receive trade alerts emails by default.

Configuring your email selections can be from the Email Notification Selection page.

Email is highly reliable. As such, we recommend having trade alert emails turned on.

Crypto-ML Trade Alert Email Sample
Crypto-ML Trade Alert Email Sample

Desktop Browser Push Notifications

Crypto-ML can send notifications via “toast” or browser pops. This is simple to configure and is supported by all modern browsers.

Browsers supported

Most browsers support web notifications. Below is a list of confirmed supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome (and most Chromium variants)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

How to enable web notifications

To turn these notifications on, simply:

  • Click “Allow” when prompted
  • Or, click on the padlock in the address bar to access site settings, and enable notifications there

All customers can sign up for these notifications, but you will need the proper account type to see trade details.

When visiting, you should be prompted to “Allow” notifications.

Crypto-ML Allow Web push notification from pop

This is the welcome notification. Trade alerts look similar and link to the Member Dashboard.

Crypto-ML sample web push toast notification

If the website doesn’t ask you to “Allow” notifications, you can always click the padlock and enable directly from there.

Crypto-ML Allow Web Notifications

Once your notifications are enabled, you will see a red bell on the lower right of the browser window. You can click it at any time to change your preferences.

Crypto-ML change your web push notification settings

Common issues with web notifications

The following issues may prevent you from allowing notifications:

1. You are browsing in incognito mode. Incognito mode does not allow for notifications.

2. You have a conflicting adblocker. Certain adblockers also limit privacy settings and prevent you from setting up notifications. Consider going “shields down” for or adjusting notification settings in your adblocker.

By default, uBlock Origin prevents notification selection. Simply turn it off for as follows.

Click the uBlock Origin “power” button on Crypto-ML. We do not serve ads on our site or sell your data.

Crypto-ML Adblocker enable Web Push Notifications

3. You have notifications entirely disabled in your browser settings. You may need to change this from “block all” to “ask before sending.”

Browser-specific notification tips can be found here:

Mobile Push Notifications (Android and iOS)

Mobile notifications work exactly like desktop push notifications. Simply go to on your mobile browser.

  • You should be prompted to “Allow” notifications
  • Or you can click on the padlock icon to enable notifications

From there, the experience is nearly identical.

Crypto-ML Web Push Notification Sample
Sample mobile web push notification
Crypto-ML Web Push Padlock Allow
Touch the padlock to allow notifications
Crypto-ML Web Push Notification Settings
After touching “Site settings,” you can turn notifications on and off

Having trouble?

The troubleshooting steps are the same as for desktop push notifications.

Android App Notifications

For Trader and Auto Trader customers, the Android app provides the most detailed notifications.

Crypto-ML Android App and Web Push Notifications
Android app notification (top) shows trade details. The web push notification (bottom) is more generic.
Crypto-ML Mobile App Android
Another Android app notification sample.

Since there is not currently an iOS app, we recommend iPhone users instead use mobile browser notifications.

Questions, Issues, and Requests

As always, we want your feedback to help us improve. And if you’re stuck, we’re happy to help you troubleshoot. Here are some ways you can reach out:

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