Insider Newsletter: Crypto-ML Phase 3

Over the next few months, Crypto-ML will transform into its third iteration. This will mark the end of Insider Newsletters, but don’t worry, we aim to deliver incredible value while also heavily incorporating your feedback.

Crypto-ML V1

From February 2018 through December 2021, Crypto-ML was a machine-learning-driven crypto trading platform. We moved millions of dollars per month through automated trades triggered by ever-evolving ML. This was built on technology we began using privately in 2016.

Various factors, including regulatory uncertainty and lack of exchange controls, caused us to cease offering our trading capabilities publicly.

You can read the full details in our Crypto-ML is Radically Changing post.

Crypto-ML V2

Over the last 1.5 years, shifted to a research mode, focused on Bitcoin and how broad market, economic, and global factors affect its price.

Rather than opportunistically trading multiple altcoins for short-term gains, V2 has been about understanding how to use AI and machine learning to optimize long-term wealth using Bitcoin.

The type of analytical view is documented in the 18 monthly newsletters we’ve published over this time. Each looks at the evolving macroeconomic picture, cryptocurrency news, on-chain data, technical analysis, and more.

This focused study has worked its way into our AI models, giving us a dramatically deeper and more sophisticated system to guide long-term decisions and optimize month-by-month investing decisions.

Crypto-ML V3

Now it’s time to exit the research phase and help you achieve your long-term investing goals as fast as possible.

Your feedback will be our foundation. Over the next few weeks and for the remainder of our operation, we will switch our attention to you, the customer. We want your input, ideas, and criticism.

We want to give our ideal customers the tools they want to be successful.

Who is our ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is goal oriented and wants to accumulate a specific number of bitcoins as part of their larger investment strategy.

  • This person may be new to Bitcoin or a pro.
  • This person may be wealthy or have limited funds.
  • This person may understand why owning Bitcoin is important or may be new to crypto and open to learning.

You have a Bitcoin ownership goal. We’ll help you get there as fast as possible.

Who is not our ideal customer?

  • Someone who wants to “get rich quick.”
  • Someone who wants to hop on the latest altcoin.
  • Someone who wants a YouTube guru to feed them an endless stream of hot tips, hype, and trading techniques “they don’t want you to know.”

What does success look like?

Success is defined by each of our customers but does include owning a certain number of bitcoins by a certain time.

So what’s next?

As we make the transition to V3, here are some things you can expect:

  1. Feedback: We will reach out to you to better understand your ideas, concerns, struggles, and challenges.
  2. Human Insights: Insider Newsletters will stop but we will provide regular updates on AI performance and predicted market behavior. Transparency will always be one of our core values.
  3. Subscriptions and Pricing: If you have an existing subscription, your price will not go up as subscriptions change.

The move to V3 may take 1 month or 6. Regardless, we will offer a continual ramp of value, content, and data to help you achieve your Bitcoin ownership goals as fast as possible.

AI Predictions for August and July Performance

Want to see how our predictions performed over the last 30 days and also see what it’s predicting for the next 30?

AI Bitcoin Predictions for August + July Performance

AI Bitcoin Predictions for August
AI Bitcoin Predictions for August

Questions or comments?

We’ll be reaching out shortly but don’t hesitate to drop us a note in the Comments section below.

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