Update on Day Trading and Market Dynamics

The Crypto-ML machine learning and development teams have made considerable progress in bringing forward the next generation of the platform. This update will give you insights into day trading, auto trading, non-crypto assets, and general thoughts on the crypto market direction.

Crypto-ML Day Trading and Auto Trading

The Crypto-ML team is pleased to announce near completion of the Crypto-ML “Day Trading” Platform. This platform will be machine-learning based and exist alongside the current swing-trading system.

You can find previous information and updates on the Crypto-ML day-trading platform here.

While this system was initially planned for launch in July, we saw the opportunity to develop a much broader and more robust system, including not only day-trading signals but also auto trading. In order to deliver on this, we have added additional members to the team and now target release next month in August.

This system will deliver groundbreaking capabilities, allowing users to take advantage of minute-by-minute swings in the cryptocurrency markets, 24 x 7.

The day-trading platform with auto trades will be provided to existing members at no additional charge through their Crypto-ML Membership.

Beyond Cryptocurrency: Futures, Forex, and More

As the technical work happens on delivering day-trading and auto-trading capabilities, the machine learning work has focused on building models for alternative asset classes and developing massive new data sets. These models provide signals for stocks, futures, and forex. The results are incredibly promising and will provide excellent options for investing outside of the crypto market.

Given additional regulatory considerations, we are currently pending full review and expect to deliver signals to our users in the August or September timeframe.

Crypto Market Analysis

As you likely are well aware, the crypto markets have had a rough start to 2018. As traders, this means we have been swimming against a very strong current. It’s much easier to generate long profits in an up or even sideways market.

To illustrate, coming from the December 2017 high of $19,060 to the recent low of $6,382, Bitcoin price has dropped approximately 67% in 7 months.

Bitcoin Price Since December

To put that drop in perspective, here is what has triggered similar drops in the US stock market:

  • The Great Depression: 86% drop in 34 months, 1929 to 1932.
  • The Inventory Depression: 30% drop in 37 months, 1946 to 1949.
  • Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Cold War: 28% drop in 6 months, 1961 to 1962.
  • Vietnam, Riots, and Assassinations: 36% drop in 18 months, 1968 to 1970.
  • Black Monday Crash: 34% drop in 3 months, 1987.
  • And the list of crashes goes on (NBC News).

The reason for sharing this comparison is to show just how dramatic the cryptocurrency markets really are. To match this in other markets, you would be looking at war and economic meltdown. While this can be a challenge, it can also be hugely advantageous and is precisely why cryptocurrency is so attractive for trading.

Signs of Recovery

It now appears the markets may be shifting.

From a news perspective, we are interested in items that signal the transition from crypto being a niche asset to a generally-accepted asset. A Bitcoin ETF (Bloomberg) is one such step driving the recent price increases.

Technically, some analysts are arguing prices have successfully broken out of the longstanding downward channels.

And from Crypto-ML’s machine-learning perspective, we have had unusually fast oscillations in signals recently, potentially indicating a reversal as well. The most recent Bitcoin trade was opened at $6,368 and is still open with prices currently at $8,130 (up 28%).

It’s also worth noting that with each new situation, comes learning. And that’s really the power of Crypto-ML. As markets and situations evolve, it becomes smarter and better able to capitalize on similar situations in the future.

That said, throughout 2018, fast single-day drops in prices have been a challenge for every system, including stop losses. So we still urge caution in your trading.


We look forward to a highly prosperous remainder of 2018 and a much broader set of capabilities and options for Crypto-ML users. As always, please feel free to drop us a note in the comments section below or through our support.

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