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Crypto-ML Machine Learning for Cryptocurrency – Overview

Crypto-ML is a platform designed for people who want to generate real income through cryptocurrency without the stress, fear of missing out, and second-guessing.

Crypto-ML provides its users simple signals once daily: either buy, sell, or hold.

These signals are generated by a complex machine-learning mechanism that is systematic end-to-end. This eliminates human emotion and human error.

Compared to traditional technical analysis

Crypto-ML avoids the ambiguity and complexity of traditional technical analysis. Technical analysis is up to interpretation, and oftentimes experts see completely different patterns in the same chart.

Additionally, people tend to overlay their emotions and what they want to see in the charts. Crypto-ML removes the human component and boils trading down to signals as simple as a traffic light.

Compared to buy-and-hold

Buy-and-hold has proven to be a solid strategy in crypto. However, had you followed Crypto-ML signals, you would have realized two major advantages. First, Crypto-ML has successfully captured the run-ups while avoiding downturns. Because of this, it outperforms buy-and-hold by approximately 200%*.

Second, buy-and-hold never locks in profits. If your crypto portfolio shows $1 million on paper today, then the market crashes over the next few weeks, did you ever really have the million dollars?

Locking in profits is how you can move from having money on paper to having real sustainable income.

Crypto-ML results

In addition to capturing profits and reducing stress, Crypto-ML has outperformed buy-and-hold gains by approximately 1.9x (Bitcoin), 2.3x (Litecoin), and 2.1x (Bitcoin Cash)*.

Individual users report lower stress and increased gains, while being able to better focus in other areas of their lives.

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*Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Performance numbers do not include fees and/or taxes associated with trading. Individual results will vary. Invest responsibly.
Cryptocurrency trading involves high risk. Important terms apply to the use of Crypto-ML. Please read full terms before proceeding.

About Crypto-ML

Crypto-ML provides machine learning for crypto traders and investors. Gain crystal-clear signals and deep market insights. Add predictive capabilities to your toolbox. Learn more and join for free.

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